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Available Projects

1. Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, Phuket (All year available)

The project is located on Phuket an island off the south coast of Thailand; it currently houses over seventy gibbons. The aim of this project is the rehabilitation of gibbons back to their natural habitat additionally providing ongoing care to those unsuitable for repatriation, some of which are infected with communicable diseases. More information


2 Wild Animal Rescue and Education Centre, Ranong (All year available)

The centre is a home to all wild species common to Thailand such as gibbons, macaques, slow loris, civet cat, that are in need of welfare and protection especially Primates. Some species have already been relocated here additionally the site will also be used for the relocation of infected gibbons from the GRP. More information


3. Sea Turtle and Dugong Conservation Project, Ranong (Available in December 2007)

Our Sea Turtle and Dugong Conservation at Baan Talae Nork, along the Andaman coastline, in Ranong Province, is being established to work towards the conservation and rehabilitation of Andaman sea turtle and dugong populations in southern Thailand. More information.

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