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How WARF is Run

Since its establishment, WARF has expanded its operations and developed closer ties with the Royal Forestry Department and other government and non-governmental agencies. Today it has become one of Thailand's leading advocates for nature conservation. Currently WARF operates four different wildlife sanctuaries that are focused on providing appropriate housing and care for animals placed under their protection. Many of the animals in WARF's care, including gibbons, macaques, bears and tigers are former pets that have been maltreated, or have grown too big and unmanageable for their owners. WARF's goal is to rehabilitate these animals wherever possible and return them to the wild. However many animals are too disabled or have been too traumatized to be able survive on their own. For these animals, the long-term care offered in the sanctuaries are their only hope of survival.

There are currently 9 serving committee members who meet regularly to oversee the Foundation's work and formulate future plans. All members serve in an honorary capacity. If you have any comments or suggestions you would like the committee to consider then please contact Khun Pornpen Payakkaporn, President and Secretary General.

WARF maintain a small salaried staff at the office in Bangkok, the GRP in Phuket, the Wild Animal Rescue and Education Project at Baan Talae Nork and most recently at the Wildlife Rescue Centre and Animal Hospital at Lopburi. The majority of the Foundation's work is carried out by international volunteers, many of whom work directly with the projects. Day to day functions, such as volunteer placement, web site development, newsletters, adoption programmes, forum management, photography, fundraising etc. are all carried out by WARF's dedicated team of long serving volunteers, many of them operating from their "virtual office" in all parts of the world. These people face the generally inglorious tasks of performing office work for WARF, ECONET and their respective programs and projects. They volunteer their time to do the many tedious jobs which are necessary to keep a non-profit organization on its feet...without them; none of our work would be possible. (see photo gallery below)

  WARF President& Secretary General

 Pornpen Payakkaporn

  Vice President


  Vice President

 Dr. Chitsanu













  Former President & Founder







By being an volunteer for any of WARF's projects you will support the project and WARF's work in two ways: with the rehabilitation and with your donation. You have to be available for at least three weeks. Depending on the duration of your stay, your education and experience. We recruit paying volunteers to help at our projects that are devoted to animal care; our volunteers are involved in the day-to-day running of the projects. For example, preparing food, cleaning, repairing and building new enclosures. Our projects are best suited to people with a genuine interest in the care and well being of animals. If you would like to apply to become one of our volunteers you are most welcome. Interesting joining our team visit: volunteer page

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