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Volunteer Frequently Asked Question


Q: How much does it cost to volunteer and what is the minimum length of service?
A: The costs for participating in each project depend on the duration of their stay and the kind of activities. Volunteers who stay for less than eight weeks need relatively more supervision and therefore pay a relatively higher price (including the donation for the project). Volunteers, who stay eight weeks or longer, invest much of their time in the project. This is why they pay less. The minimum requirement for volunteer is 3 weeks and room is prepared and included in price.

Q: How long before shall one apply to have a position?

A: At least 3 weeks in advance.

Q: What are the conditions of participation?

1. Volunteer must be over 18 years of age and in good physically fit. 
2. The basic command of English spoken is essential needed. 
3. No specific experience required but good teamwork skill. 
4. Volunteers are required to have had all relevant vaccinations for Hepatitis A & B, Tuberculosis (TB), Diphtheria, Rabies, Pertissus, Tetanus and Japanese Encephalitis before entering to project.

Q: What type of work I will be doing?

-          Assist the Animal Keepers (preparing food, feeding)
-          Assist the Gibbon Release Research
-          Gibbon Release activities (before and after release)
-          Building, maintaining and enrichment the cages
-          Daily cleaning of the cages
-          Giving talk to visitors, telling them of your experiences and those of the animals at the project as well as enlightening them on the current situation of the wildlife protection in Thailand

Q: When I could get involved in the project?

A: Volunteers are need all year round.

Q: Do we need to arrange our own accommodation and meals?

A: The project provides accommodation but not food.

Q: What kind of visa do I need for volunteering with you?

A: To visit Thailand you will need a valid passport, which must be officially valid, on arrival, for at least six months. Issuance of visa will usually take a few working days. This visa will be valid for 60 or 90 days and you are able to renew it through the immigration Department in Phuket for another 10 days or by visiting neighbouring countries, Such as Burma or Malaysia. Volunteer should submit for non-immigrant visa type “O” More information please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kingdom of Thailand.

Q: What is the qualification for volunteer work with your organization?

A: No specific education or experience required but good teamwork skill.

Q: Is it possible to apply as a couple?

A: Yes, it’s possible.

Q: Is there an application process?

A: Volunteer need to complete the application form. This should be submitted for consideration, together with a letter of motivation and your CV.

Q: What do I have to bring?

·        Raincoat (May-October)

  • Sleeping bag
  •  Watch
  • Alarm Clock
  • Personal items (toiletries), towel, sun block 30+, etc. 
  • Insect repellent
  • Broad-brimmed Hat 
  • Flashlight (torch) and spare batteries
  • Basic First Aid Kit        
  • Camera, books to read 
  • Swim suit and lightweight towel 
  • Lightweight clothing 
  • Long-sleeved shirts, t-shirts and long pants for work (bring at least 3 pairs of long pants for work)
  • Good hiking shoes/ trainers 
  • Flip Flops 
  • Bag/Backpack 
  • Your laptop (additional option; if you have, we only have 1 computer for volunteer use so sometimes the computer jam was happened) 

Q: How many days a week that volunteers have got to work?

A: Volunteers work a six-day week usually for 8 hours per day.

Q: What is not including in price/participation fee?

A: • Passport / visa fees

 • Food

 • Travel expenses within Thailand

 • Travel, Cancellation and Health Insurance (all participants must be in possession of proof of cover for all of these)

Q: What is including in price/participation fee?

  • Transportation to/from project location from/to Phuket bus Terminal or Phuket Airport
  •  Orientation and training during the first and second week
  •  Project T-shirts plus a ride to shopping area each week
  •  All fees for inclusion in the project
  •  Accommodation at the project site during the contracted stay period
  •  Supervision



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