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For full information and pricing please contact our Volunteering Coordinator 

Last minute charge: For bookings within twenty-eight days (including the 28th day) before arrival at the project, an extra, non-refundable last minute charge is applied.

Information on the price you pay: The costs for participating in this project depend on the duration of your stay and the kind of activities. Ecovolunteers who stay for less than eight weeks need relatively more supervision and therefore pay a relatively higher price (including the donation for the project). Ecovolunteers who stay eight weeks or longer invest much of their time in the project. This is why they pay less. A minimum of 75% of the price is directly for the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation, including their organization of the project, your participation and extra support. Only less than 25% is used in advertising the project, printing brochures, maintaining a website, for communication expenses, etc. The amount of money leaked back to other countries is therefore minimal, compared to most travel programs. The donation to WAR is non-restricted and will be used to support the Foundation's overall programming priorities; it is not possible to specify that your donation be used at a specific site.

Participants: A maximum number of twelve participants can be accommodated at the main location.

Flights: Volunteers will have to make their own flight arrangements. We advise you not to make reservations before your participation has been confirmed. Of course you can also plan your participation to the project as part of a bigger journey.

Food: Food in Thailand is good, varied, relatively cheap and easily available. Also the accommodation offers the possibility for preparing food together with the other volunteers. Restaurants, small cafeteria offers a good opportunity to order breakfast or lunch. Alcoholic drinks are expensive. Drinking unboiled water is not to be recommended. Drink only bottled water from bottles with a crown cork.

Passport & Visa: To visit Thailand you need a valid passport. A visa is required. Please check with the Thai Embassy in your country or your national volunteer agency to determine what is required and how you can obtain the necessary documents. For long term volunteers a non-immigrant visa with a three-month validity is required. Your booking agent will supply you with a letter for visa support for the Thai embassy. For volunteers staying longer than three months, they will have to renew their visa in Thailand. The WARF Foundation will assist you in doing so.

Attainability & Emergencies: Modern means of communication like telephone, and email are available at our centres. There are times when the equipment is not operational. Therefore, you should inform your family and friends at home that they might not be able to reach you directly. In case of emergency, and inability to contact direct, family and friends can leave a message with the staff in the office.

For updated information contact our Volunteering Coordinator .

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