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Andaman Coastline Monitoring
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Andaman Coastline Monitoring: study of Distribution, Ecology and Population of Endangered Marine Animals and Sea Grasses using Aerial Surveys

Part I

(Download PDF file)
It has been exactly two years ago since we were here last in the tranquil province of Trang, south of Thailand, where the reclusive animal knows as Pla-pa-yoon or Dugong have been living peacefully and dangerously close to humans.

Full story see attached pdf file
More information on www.nokaviation.com/news.htm and www.warthai.org

Before finally signing off once more, all the team would like to thank those who worked behind the scenes helping and supporting this project.

These are the most simplest ways to help saving the endangered dugongs

-don't pollute water
-donít eat the dugongs
-donít buy any products made of dugong or its parts
-don't drop litter (much of it ends up in our waterways)
-don't eat what they eat (seagrass)
-try not to leak oil from ships or boats
-steer pleasure boats clear of seagrass (dugongs are probably eating there)
-don't destroy their habitat
-don't destroy their breeding grounds
-create a few protection grounds where no kind of boat is allowed to go (as to stop the dugong from being injured)
-don't drop any kind of net in the water
-report to the officers if you see any suspicious activities regarding dugong being

Thank you for keeping our world beautiful
Tom Potisit and Eduardo Loigorri

 12-27 January 2008


  • Dugong Survey in the Andaman Sea, Thailand in 2008 by Phuket Marine Biological Center and Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (Full Paper)
  • Report from Eduardo Lolgorri, our pilot

Over the last few years it has become increasingly evident that many sea creatures around the Andaman Coastline are under threat due to loss of habitat from environmental damage (2004 Tsunami, global warming, monsoons), marine activity by the tourist, fishing and fossil-fuel mining industries and poaching. It is clear that unless urgent action is undertaken to protect these creatures, including dugong, sea turtles, dolphins and whales, they may disappear from the Andaman coastline forever.

Therefore, the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) is teaming up with the Phuket Marine Biological Centre (PMBC) to conduct an aerial survey of these endangered marine animals, their feeding grounds and habitat, which will encompass four regions of the Andaman Coastline; Trang, Krabi, Phuket and Ranong



The pilot, Mr Eduardo Lolgorri, of WARF will use a Tecnam P92-JS airplane and will be accompanied by a representative researcher from PMBC and other WARF volunteers.

Download report Dugogn Suryver in the Andaman Sea, Thailand in 2008

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