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Wildlife habitat Project, Chiang Mai
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The Kingdom of Thailand recognizes that sustainable development is not possible without sustainable forest management (SFM). Therefore, the kingdom attaches great importance to forests that are sustainably managed, with due care to the environment while providing economic, cultural, spiritual and social benefits to society.

Original forest cover in Thailand was some 70% of the country but this has declined to around 50% in 1960s. Thirty years later, in 1990s, Thailand's forest was in crisis, declining to just 15%. Our forests are in serious trouble. Many of them are in a precarious and dangerous situation - mostly by illegal logging and forest fires.

Together with support of NOK Flying Club and the Royal Thai Forestry Department, the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand (WARF) are setting up a joint venture in Northern Thailand to undertake an assisted aerial natural forest regeneration project.

A suitable bare hillside location (Li Province) has already been earmarked for this first trial, which if successful will be extended to other affected areas in future years. The first step is to get all local people in the area involved and informed. The objective is the establishment of vegetative cover to protect the land. Aerial re-seeding will take place during the rainy season (July-August) followed by WARF's research teams following re-generation progress at regular intervals.

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