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Mobile Conservation Education
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We believe that education is essential to the success of our project and try to reach a wide range of people with our education programmes. If we are to stop the demand and use of gibbons, for pets and tourist attractions, we must educate both tourists and local people.

Mobile Conservation Education:

 1. Schools and local communities:

 1.1 Schools

Out of the 73 schools and colleges on Phuket, we have visited 57 to date (Appendix IV), We have divided the schools to be visited into 5 groups. They are as follows:

Group1. Primary schools surrounding Khao Phra Theaw Non-Hunting Area. There are 16 local primary schools. We will give a presentation to 10-12 year olds in these schools. (Approximately 600 children)
Group2. High Schools surrounding Khao Phra Theaw Non-Hunting Area. There are 2 high schools with children aged 13-18 years old. (Approximately 100 children)
Group 3. Primary and High schools across the rest of Phuket. Ages 10-18 years old. (Approximately 2,020 children)
Group 4. Colleges and Universities. Ages 16-22 years old. (Approximately 600 children)
Group 5. Schools close to Ban Talae Nork. Ages 10-18 years old. (Approximately 440 children)

We have visited almost all the schools around Khao Phra Theaw non-hunting area. Only one of the schools did not respond to our request due to their study schedule that was already fixed.

The programme will vary according to age groups. We have produced slide shows and a video to show to the students. These were included information and pictures produced using the requested computer and digital camera. They were presented using the requested projector.

Primary school children. We have two groups of around 20 for each school and have a 1 hour workshop with each group. This included a short slide show or video giving them the basic information, followed by some games and questions for them, so that get involved and we keep their attention.
High School children. Groups of around 50 students. A 1 hour talk with a slightly more detailed slide show and the opportunity for them to ask us questions.
College and University Students. We set up an exhibition put up in the college/university so the students can read this in their own time over several days. We also arranged a lecture for up to 100

Page 12 Gibbon Re-introduction and Long term Conservation Education at Khao Phra Theaw Non Hunting

   people, showing then a video or using slides and explaining in detail about conservation and about our work.

The students in each school were very excited and interested in our program. The staff gave a presentation to the local children emphasizing the importance of conservation, and preservation of endangered species. This presentation was a fun packed hour where the children’s participation was a key element. One of the favorite activities was learning to recognize the calls of the gibbons, then inviting a few eager participants to the front of the group to copy and sing-along.

At the end of the presentation we encouraged all the children to make a promise to each other that they will help out whenever they can with conservation in the area. We ask them all to hold hands and sing a song which includes the following messages:

1: We will not buy endangered animals
2: We will not eat endangered animals
3: We will not support any one trying to exploit or make money from endangered animals.
4: We will not hunt endangered animals
5: We will not destroy any animals or their natural environments (eg: forests)

Some of the schools have visited our Rehabilitation Site at Bang Pae Waterfall. At this point the information boards are provided instead of the presentation because the Waterfall site still has no electricity, so we are also unable to present our video presentation.

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