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  • Natural splendour in the East
    May 26 2009 01:49:36

    Thailand's largest remaining tract of lowland evergreen rainforest, and a very important wildlife sanctuary

  • Thai Navy makes grisly tiger seizure
    May 19 2009 18:28:06

    Nongkhai/Bangkok, Thailand —The Thai Navy has seized two Tiger carcasses and 45 pangolins, and arrested eight traffickers who had planned to smuggle the animals across the Mekong River into Lao PDF.

  • HUAIKHAKHAENG: A sanctuary of beauty The magnificent Thai riverine ecosystem and World Heritage Site needs vigilance to maintain its majesty
    April 28 2009 20:56:05

    Mist hangs in the air early one morning as a green peafowl calls from up-river. A male bird, its long tail feathers glistening in the early sun, struts across a sandbar looking for something to eat. A pair of wreathed hornbills fly into a fruiting fig tree and two white-winged ducks honk as they wing past Khao Ban Dai ranger station deep in the interior of Thailand's top protected area.

  • Malaysia seizes smuggled animals
    April 28 2009 20:53:38

    KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysian authorities seized 814 tortoises and 160 king cobras as they were being smuggled out of the country on its northern border, according to a report Sunday. 

  • illegal dugong trade
    March 24 2009 01:26:11
    Trang's fishermen have asked the government to strictly control the illegal dugong trade after they found many foreign mariners hunting the animals and smuggling them out to Singapore for Bt50,000 each, villager leader IsmaAnn Ben SaArd said.

  • Elephants on the loose in Bangkok
    March 17 2009 04:29:36

    After receiving many complaints about elephants and their mahouts in the Rama IX area earlier this month, Prayote Promsuwan, a senior official for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's (BMA) law enforcement and inspection division, sometimes known as the thetsakit, mobilised his subordinates and Livestock Department officials to arrest the mahouts.

  • Thailand urges greater ASEAN cooperation on wildlife trafficking
    March 15 2009 17:49:36
    Thailand is looking for broader regional support in the fight against the multi-million dollar illegal trade in wildlife.

    Strong economic growth in Asia prior to the global downturn has fuelled a steady growth in the illegal wildlife trade, which is worth around $US20 billion annually, with wealthy buyers lining up from China, Europe and the United States.

  • Elephants' future truncated
    March 15 2009 17:48:24
    The plight of Thailand's elephants has reached a crisis point with the current herd of captive beasts expected to disappear in the next 14 years...

  • Thais wants help to fight wildlife trade
    March 13 2009 01:08:51

    Thailand's authorities are calling on Australia to provide greater financial support and training in the regional fight against the multi-billion dollar illegal wildlife trade.

  • Airport staff take on traffickers
    March 10 2009 22:19:06
    Hundreds of Suvarnabhumi airport staff will undergo intensive training in an effort to halt illegal wildlife trafficking under the "Wildlife Trafficking Stops Here" campaign.

  • Belligerent chimp proves animals make plans
    March 10 2009 16:04:28
    A canny chimpanzee who calmly collected a stash of rocks and then hurled them at zoo visitors in fits of rage has confirmed that apes can plan ahead just like humans, a Swedish study said Monday.

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