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  • US-Thai operation charges 2 for ivory smuggling
    January 23 2010 15:24:12

    BANGKOK -- Thai police said Wednesday that they have arrested two people accused of dealing in illegal African ivory, a day after an American and a Thai national were indicted in California on charges of smuggling ivory from endangered elephants into the United States.

  • Special visitors to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project (GRP), Phuket
    January 23 2010 15:22:54

    On the morning of the 21st of January we were pleased to welcome a party of interested visitors to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project, GRP and Khao Phra Thaew. This group had travelled to Phuket representing Bhutan’s Department of Forests and Park services, and included its director Karma Dukpa.

  • New Year Baby Boom for Phuket's Gibbon Rehabilitation Project
    January 02 2010 20:53:34
    The second baby gibbon has been born in the Khao Phra Theaw Non-hunting Area just days after the Payu family added another member to their clan..

  • How can increasing population of gibbons in the forest reduce the effects of global warming?
    December 25 2009 13:11:24

    Gibbons and other wildlife such as birds and monkeys are critical to the survival of tropical rainforest, contributing to the regeneration of its plants and trees.

  • Early Christmas present for Jita Family!
    December 17 2009 06:01:06

    After many months of anticipation and hard work, GRP staff and volunteers were excited to release another gibbon family on the 10th of December. This family, consisting of Tony, Jita, and baby Claire, already seem to be at home foraging and swinging in the rainforest, and while we will continue to supply food and observe them, we think they will adapt well to life back in the wild.


  • seized elephant tusks
    August 25 2009 02:03:45
    A customs official stands nex toprior a press conference at the Airport Customs in Bangkok on Friday.

  • The great elephant exodus
    August 16 2009 07:37:51
    As the elephant dragged its feet towards city hall, the chains draped from its neck swung like twin pendulums. The animal’s dusty skin fit loose on its 30-year-old body. Where a right eye belonged, there was only a crusty socket.

  • Tourists Flock to Gibbons Sanctuary in Thailand
    August 14 2009 06:25:25
    In addition to white sandy beaches and sunshine, Phuket now offers tourists a chance to be part of an animal conservation centre for gibbons. The program started in 1992 and is open for long and short-term volunteers.

  • Country’s largest wildlife farms inspected
    August 14 2009 05:51:04
    VietNamNet Bridge – Three farms permitted to experimentally breed wild animals are located in the southern province of Binh Duong. A recent inspection revealed that they had thousands of rare animals of nearly 100 species.

  • Fund formed to save sea turtles
    June 30 2009 02:50:33
    The Department of Marine and Costal Resources will dole out US$3,687 (about 130,000 baht) as part of its annual contribution to a fund set up with the objective to conserve and protect the habitat of sea turtles in the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asian region.

  • Elephant electrocuted in national park
    June 09 2009 02:26:31

    A 14-year-old female elephant died of electrocution in Rayong's Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park yesterday morning.

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