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  • Thai police raid warehouse full of reptiles
    October 26 2010 00:47:49

    BANGKOK -- Thai police on Friday raided a warehouse where wildlife smugglers were storing thousands of illegally collected reptiles for shipment overseas, a conservation group said.


  • Thailand rescues nearly 100 elephants from floods
    October 20 2010 21:09:28

    BANGKOK (AP) ó Thailand evacuated dozens of elephants from a popular tourist attraction Monday after they were threatened by floods that submerged homes and paralyzed transportation in parts of the country.

  • Thailand seizes endangered Madagascar tortoises
    October 13 2010 17:32:38

    BANGKOK ó Thai customs authorities said Monday they had seized more than 200 live endangered tortoises being smuggled into the country from Madagascar.

    A 39-year-old Malagasy man was arrested Sunday and charged after officials at Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport found 217 radiated tortoises and a ploughshare tortoise in his luggage, officials said.

  • The Plight of a Quadruped: travelling in Cub-Class
    August 29 2010 19:17:10

    At first glance, even the most curious quintessential operator of the X-ray machines at Suvarnabumi Airport in Thailand, may have spotted nothing more than a pair of toy cubs, huddling up inside an unsuspecting hand luggage.

  • Illegal trophy: Wild cat bagged at airport This tiger was little but no toy
    August 28 2010 22:12:30



    High on the no-fly listThis cub was rescued from a checked bag in Bangkok. It had been headed for Iran.TRAFFIC

  • Kenya makes massive seizure of ivory and rhino horns
    August 25 2010 02:38:46

    Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers stand guard near a shipment of elephant tusks and rhino horns which was intercepted at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in the capital Nairobi August 23, 2010Kenya says there has been an increase in poaching in recent years

    Some two tonnes of ivory and five rhino horns have been seized in Kenya's main airport inside boxes labelled as avocados to be exported to Malaysia.

  • World's Largest Tiger Reserve Created in Myanmar
    August 07 2010 19:12:14

    Indochinese Tiger - Ltshears/Wikimedia Commons

    Indochinese Tiger - Ltshears/Wikimedia Commons


    Myanmar has announced the creation of the world's largest tiger reserve--the Hukaung Valley Tiger Reserve--to protect endangered species in Southeast Asia.


  • Endangered tiger among animals found in British man's freezer
    June 15 2010 06:56:00
    Police raided a suburban house in Coventry, England, arresting a 52-year-old man. Among many different dead and frozen animals they found a tiger, a monkey and a chimpanzee in his freezer.

  • our newsletter
    June 13 2010 14:54:34

    Welcome to our newsletter. Featured this month is a story about Mary one of our recently deceased gibbons. It is not the typical success story that rescue organizations usually release, but one that takes a look at the harsher realities of the pet trade. Please read it, and accept the bad that inevitably comes with the good in the animal rescue field.

  • Canadian Volunteer Story
    May 20 2010 05:34:43
    As Iím sure anyone who hasnít been living under a rock is aware of, the political situation in Bangkok is somewhat amiss.  There is a constant barrage in the news with photos of barricades made from old tires, burning buildings, roads closed, and pictures of deceased protestors.

  • Dugongs are faring better than feared
    January 30 2010 23:53:54

    TRANG : The population of rare dugongs (sea cows) living in Trang waters has slightly dropped by 5-10 sea animals from last year, the latest aerial survey has found.

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