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  • British royal wedding to aid elephants in Thailand
    March 26 2011 00:43:51

    Charitable donations requested by Prince William and Kate Middleton instead of wedding gifts will help the London Zoological Society. It works in Thailand with the Elephant Conservation Network to reduce conflict between villagers and the animals in the western province of Kanchanaburi.


  • Thailand: Turtle nests on decline
    March 04 2011 19:58:48

    The number of sea turtle nests along the Andaman Sea coast had declined this egg-laying season because of a more volatile climate, a marine expert says.

  • Malaysian wildlife officers nab pangolin smugglers
    February 28 2011 20:39:27
    Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian police have arrested two men for attempting to smuggle 135 live pangolins worth more than 100,000 ringgit (31,750 dollars) into Thailand, officials said Friday.

  • The attempt to smuggle more than 200 live animals
    February 14 2011 20:34:35

    The attempt to smuggle more than 200 live animals snakes, tortoises, squirrels, spiders, lizards and even a parrot inside three suitcases was bold, but also dumb.


  • Rubber plantations invading parks, wildlife sanctuaries
    January 13 2011 17:55:04

    The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry Monday warned that rubber plantations would be replacing all national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the South from Chumphon down within the next 10 years.

  • Woman seized as dogs pounce on illegal ivory
    December 29 2010 21:34:41

    Thai woman arrested in JKIA ivory bust
    Capital FM
    BY EVELYN NJOROGE NAIROBI, Kenya, Dec 26 - A suspect from Thailand was ... they are making a contribution to conservation and continued survival of wildlife ...


    Thai suspect arrested with illegal ivory at JKIA
    Daily Nation
    A suspect from Thailand was arrested on Saturday night with 19.5 kg of ... they are making a contribution to conservation and continued survival of wildlife ...


    Woman seized as dogs pounce on illegal ivory
    Daily Nation
    She was preparing to board a plane to Bangkok, Thailand, when she was arrested at ... Kenya Wildlife Service public relations officer Paul Udoto said: A ...


  • Thai held in Kenya ivory bust
    December 29 2010 21:29:28

    NAIROBI : Kenyan police arrested a Thai woman at Nairobi airport as she checked in for a flight to Bangkok with 20 kilogrammes of illegal ivory, the wildlife service said Sunday.

    The woman was arrested Saturday night while in transit from Maputo in Mozambique with 105 pieces of ivory bangles, necklaces and two elephant tusks.

  • Thai woman arrested with illegal ivory charged
    December 29 2010 21:26:20
    A 33 year old Thai national caught in possession of ivory products on Saturday night was Tuesday arraigned before a Makadara court.


  • Swede Attacked by Tiger
    December 29 2010 21:23:28
    A Swedish man has been attacked during a visit to a Tiger Temple outside Bangkok.

    The tigers are taken care of by some of the local monks, and normally they are very friendly. But when Erik from Sundsvall climbed into a restricted area with nine tigers, some of this friendliness seemed to disappear.

  • Buffalo in the sea
    December 08 2010 17:53:26

    Usually, you may see buffalo in the swamp, but at WARF-BTN project, you can see buffalo bathing in the sea.

  • Wildlife authorities grapple to contain jumbo-sized problem
    November 08 2010 16:17:31

    Wildlife authorities are playing a "cat and mouse" game with criminals who kill elephants, wrench the tusks bloodily from their heads, then sell the ivory on the black market _ usually in Thailand.

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