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  • Smuggled Indian species flood Bangkok pet market
    July 08 2011 16:52:24
    Moushumi Basu | New Delhi

    Live Endangered Indian species are being trafficked to the infamous Chatuchak market in Bangkok, with Suvarnabhumi airport acting as the convenient transit point.

  • Endangered Madagascar wildlife on sale in Thailand
    June 21 2011 16:02:41

    Conservation group TRAFFIC uncovered nearly 600 Madagascar reptiles and amphibians on sale in Thai markets, including endangered species and those banned for sale by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). The animals, representing 24 reptiles species and 9 amphibians, are being sold for the international pet trade.

  • Reality show tackles wildlife trafficking in Asia
    May 31 2011 17:55:29
    Now to a reality show with a difference - a new series set for broadcast throughout Asia will tackle the growing problem of animal trafficking.

    The program on National Geographic TV is called "Crimes against Nature" and follows an anti-trafficking squad as it engages undercover operations in pursuit of some of Asia's most deadly and dangerous animal trafficking gangs

  • Suspected tiger trafficker arrested in sting
    May 23 2011 16:30:10

    A suspected member of Thailand's largest tiger-trafficking ring has been arrested in Udon Thani.

  • Baby tiger among wild animals for sale in Sharjah market
    May 23 2011 15:58:10

    Young ostriches can be seen in some of the shops, at the Birds and Animal Market.

    Sharjah // Despite countless warnings from experts about the dangers of keeping wild animals as pets, they are still easily available if you know where to look.

  • Our wildlife up for grabs
    May 21 2011 22:38:04

    Thailand's strategic location once earned it fame as the "crosswords of Asia". Then "hubs" became popular and the kingdom became the the respective hubs of medical tourism, regional aviation, luxury resorts, golf, fine food and more. Unfortunately, not all tags were as favourable.

  • Growing trend of owning wild animals
    May 15 2011 15:13:37
    Thai Authorities Arrest Man in Apparent Animal Smuggling Case
    Voice of America
    A man was arrested at Thailand's international airport Friday after he was caught trying to smuggle wild animals out of the country. ...

  • Man caught with baby bear, leopards in luggage
    May 15 2011 15:13:06

    A man whose luggage contained a baby bear, a pair of panthers, two leopards and some monkeys has been caught trying smuggle the animals out of Thailand, police say.

  • Claire's set for a wild time
    May 12 2011 20:30:40
    CLAIRE Simonís roommates will include gibbons and monkeys when she heads to Thailand this year as part of International Student Volunteers (ISV).

  • Royal Couple Will Help Animals On Wedding Day
    May 12 2011 20:29:42

    The Zoological Society of London is one of the charities Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen to benefit from their royal wedding on April 29.

  • Authorities in Asia Seize Wildlife Contraband
    May 08 2011 20:03:04

    Three of the largest loads of smuggled ivory to date were recently seized by officials in China, Thailand, and Vietnam. The largest of the three seizures, which occurred 19 April, yielded 707 elephant tusks, 32 ivory bracelets, and a rhino horn. The contraband was discovered in China close to its border with Vietnam.

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