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Jep, O, Jorn and Cop



 Jep was moved into Juveniles B group. He was put into a smaller cage adjacent to the larger one, where staff and volunteers regularly checked their behaviour and interactions, before making the decision to open up the corridor to allow Jep into the larger cage.  Since Jep was moved in, the group has shown no interest in him. He is settling well into his new home.







 O was moved in Juveniles As feeding cage after room was made when two of the original inhabitants, Cop and Jorn, were moved out earlier this month. O is currently separated from the main cage by a corridor, whilst staff and volunteers observe the gibbons to see if there is any reaction between O, and his new cage mates, Nat and Muki. Hopefully he will be accepted by the group and we can then open the corridor, so that O  will have some new friends.




Jorn and Cop


 Jorn and Cop were moved out from Juveniles A group because they had been showing interest in each other. Jorn, the male, has been at the Gibbon Project since May 2006, where he was released into the forest by an anonymous caller.  Cop arrived at the Project in 2004 after being confiscated by a Photographer in Patong. She is the dominant gibbon in the partnership. We hope that some time in the future we will be able to release Jorn and Cop once they have a baby.


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