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Arrival of Masked Palm Civet

Story by Owart Maprang & Susannah Waters, GRP/WARF 19 September 2008
Pictures By Susannah Waters, GRP/WARF 08

civetMasked Palm Civet: Paguma larvata
We are currently caring for a male Masked Palm Civet who is approximately 6 months of age and weighs 1 kilogram.

He was formerly kept as a pet in a small cage until 19th September 2008, when the owner of a fish shop in Talang District found the Civet and bought it. He then decided to give the Civet to Khao Phra Theaw Non-Hunting Area, who asked GRP to take care of him. Sadly the Civet is very weak and canít walk, most possibly due to poor diet and being housed in a tiny cage. Bearing in mind that this species is nocturnal, we prepared a special cage in the Quarantine site for him and he is fed once a day at 6.00pm.

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