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Royal Couple Will Help Animals On Wedding Day

The Zoological Society of London is one of the charities Prince William and Kate Middleton have chosen to benefit from their royal wedding on April 29.


The royal couple asked guests and anyone who might consider giving them a wedding gift to instead make a donation to their gift fund which includes 26 charities they have hand-selected.


The chosen organizations are listed on the fund website in the following categories: children fulfilling their potential, support services for military personnel and their family, help and care at home, changing lives through arts and sport and conservation for future generations.


ZSL was selected because of their work to save critically endangered black rhinos in Kenya and their efforts in Thailand to help wild elephants whose land is being encroached by humans. 


With only 3,500 wild elephants left in the country ZSL works closely with the Elephant Conservation Network to reduce conflicts between villagers and the animals.


Network director Belinda Stewart-Cox told the Associated Press, "The gift would help ensure 'we really make a difference to the lives of these amazing animals and the villagers who accommodate them.'"


Donations from the royal wedding will also benefit the Sumatran tiger, Indian tiger and Amur tiger that are all being driven to extinction.  It is estimated that there are no more than 4,000 tigers living in the wild worldwide. 


ZSL tries to protect these magnificent animals in their work with the Wildlife Trust of Bangladesh in a joint program called the Sundarbans Tiger Project.  The project watches over the tiger colonies and keeps poachers at bay.



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