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New Marine and Wild Animal Rescue Clinic

The Marine & Wild Animal Clinic Project is a part of the ongoing project in the Wild Animal Rescue and Education Project (WARED) with supported by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Thailand.  This project is under the operation of the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand and is located at Baan Talae Nork in Ranong province, 80 kms south of Ranong town.

In spite of its status, the conservation areas are not sufficiently protected. They are constantly violated by one destructive force after another such as development projects, forest fire, contradictory land-use policies, illegal land encroachment, cattle raising, hunting and logging and failure to involve local people in forest and wildlife protection. The wildlife corridors have been greatly disturbed by the road construction and other infrastructure development.

Today the marine and wildlife’s habitats in Ranong are practically boxed-in by human activities. Many species of marine and wild animal are rapidly losing their habitat and are diminishing rapidly. There are many cases of animal casualties caused by various reasons such as coalition with vehicles and being attacked by people or dogs and on the sea front, the injured marine animals found on the beach such as sea turtle, dolphin and migratory birds are frequently sighted.

Therefore it would be beneficial to establish the marine and wild animal clinic to provide necessary services for treating, rehabilitating and releasing the rescued wild animals back to the wild as well as providing training for the volunteers and raising awareness in conservation and animal care to local communities.

In Thailand, taking endangered species from the wild and encroachment have both been illegal since 1992. However at present the hunting/poaching of protected wildlife is frequently occurred --- a clear indication that there is a serious problem in the legal enforcement which is not being followed. The demands of wildlife for exotic food, medicinal purposes and also the pet industry have led to a decline in the population of numerous species, leaving many species being at serious risk of extinction, especially problems in the southern region of Thailand.

The Ranong province lies along the Andaman coast, it is one of Thailand’s wettest areas considering it experiences an 8 month rainy season. The area consists mainly of tropical mountainous rainforest, lush vegetation and remote villages. The majority of the population receives a low income; some locals spend their lives trading wild species of animals and plants in exchange for little return. This illegal trading of both plants and animals remains a very serious issue since it has destroyed the biodiversity in the area for decades.

In addition, Ranong Province especially Talae Nork experienced great calamity during the Tsunami. The natural disaster affected both the people and the wildlife destroying homes, habitats and several marine and coastal national parks, coral reefs and agricultural land. Therefore it is very important to reinstate their livelihood, partly by providing a rehabilitation centre for injured animals that can receive the necessary treatment. Rehabilitating the wild animals back to their wild environments will be of paramount importance to the centre.

Main Functions of the Marine & Wild Animal Clinic:

  • To treat and rehabilitate injured or abandoned marine and wild animals
  • To ensure that after the period of treatment and rehabilitation, the animals are to be released back to their natural habitats
  • Animals that are unable to be released for any reason will be housed by the centre in conditions which are secure, quiet and meet the needs of the animals
  • To protect wildlife habitats
  • To provide teaching elements for volunteers, veterinary students and also the local community regarding the issue of animal care
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