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Endangered tiger among animals found in British man's freezer

By Laura Trowbridge.





Police raided a suburban house in Coventry, England, arresting a 52-year-old man. Among many different dead and frozen animals they found a tiger, a monkey and a chimpanzee in his freezer.

According to Sky News, Alan Dudley has been charged with "10 offences relating to illegal trade in endangered animals."


Police and Custom and Excise investigators also found several loggerhead turtles, lemurs, sparrowhawks, buzzards, owls, and skulls of a baby seal and penguin in Dudley's freezer.


Allegedly, some of the animals had been bought on eBay.


"Tigers are among the most endangered animals in the world and are a common target for poachers.


Their skins are used for rugs and wall hangings, while their bones, whiskers, and eyeballs are used in traditional Asian medicines."


The loggerhead turtles found in Dudley's freezer are also facing extinction because of loss of habitat and pollution.


Dudley "faces one count of purchasing specimens, two of offering a prohibited specimen for sale, two of offering to buy a prohibited specimen, one of keeping prohibited specimens for sale, and four further charges under Customs and Excise breaches."


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