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African Pygmy Hedgehog;

Story by Owart Maprang & Kim Stroke, GRP/WARF 12 October 2008

African pygmy hedgehog: Atelerix albiventrix
A juvenile male pygmy hedgehog was brought to the GRP on 12th October, after an ex-GRP staff member was informed by a monk that he had been left at Pa Aram Monastery by an unknown member of public.  This species is not native to Thailand, but is bred here for sale in the pet trade.  The hedgehog has been named ‘Noon’, and weighs just 250g. 

Noon is doing well and has a healthy appetite for worms!  He is fed in the evenings as he is nocturnal.  In the wild, African pygmy hedgehogs live in burrows, and so Noon has been given a dark tube which he likes to sleep in.  Noon will stay at the GRP until a suitable home has been found for him.

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