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How can increasing population of gibbons in the forest reduce the effects of global warming?

Gibbons and other wildlife such as birds and monkeys are critical to the survival of tropical rainforest, contributing to the regeneration of its plants and trees.

After they consume the fruits of the forest, gibbons excrete and disperse these seeds wholly. If these seeds then germinate, then a single gibbon family could help to plant around 1500 trees per month. This is based on the average consumption of around 50 pieces of fruit such as a rambutan every day.

There are currently 17 gibbons or four families in the Khao Pra Theaw Non-Hunting Area , and the Project (Gibbon Rehabilitation Project GRP, a research division of the Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand - WARF) is expecting another baby for the Hope family soon the sixth to be born in the wild. Wild gibbons were extinct for thirty years before the Project released the first family into the forest in 2002.  The Project is the first and only one of its kind in the world. Visitors can admire the work the Project has done through embarking on a hike through the forest on the educational nature trail.

In the long term, rehabilitated gibbons living wild in the forest would directly affect the abundance and biodiversity of forest tree species, making them an important natural weapon on hand to help the fight against global warming.


We open the door and the gibbons only hesitate briefly before venturing our into the forest

The future looks bright for thsi family as they move confiendtly, brachiating through the trees and exploring their new home in the rainforest where they belong.


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