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Payu Group

In the morning of December 15th, staff unexpectedly discovered Dao in the Payu groups territory. Nuan, from the Payu group, had earlier been attacked by Dao, resulting in a broken right arm. The decision was made immediately to bring her back to the clinic for medical treatment. Staff followed up and observed the general behaviors of Dao, with the remaining Payu group members, Payu and Namthip. These three appear to be living happily together and we may in the future see Dao and Payu becoming mates.  We will continue to observe them; however the decision was made to leave Dao with the Payu group because in the wild, the stronger are able to survive, and are usually able to take leadership of a new group. In this case Dao was stronger than Nuan. But rather than leaving her to her fate in the forest alone, we brought her back to the GRP.


 At beginning Nuan was observed not using her right arm and it was swollen. Dr.Tum, our veterinarian, carefully examined her and found ,jwthat her right arm was broken. It is not uncommon for gibbons to break bones in their arms and so a daily dose of Calcium lactate (300mg) is given to her, to treat calcium deficiencies and help her bones heal naturally. She is now getting better and starting to use her arm to move in a recovery cage.



This month, with so much going on in the other groups, we didnt observe the Arun group. However, on forest walks staff members often heard them singing as a group.


 This month all members of the Hope group were found regularly. This was a relief as Joe had been out of sight for more than a month, but we were happy to find him happy and healthy with his family. 


 Thong is now by himself after his mate Dao left to join the Payu group. Staff discovered him on the 22nd December and again on the 24th December by himself. At this age, usually after reaching sexual maturity, gibbons are forced to leave their family. However they may still roam around in the overlapping territory from their parents.


 Dao in Payus territory

 Nuan in recovery cage



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