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Funding obtained for Marine Rescue and Wild Animal Clinic

WARF (The Wild Animal Rescue Foundation of Thailand) has secured funding from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Chaiyod to set up an animal rescue and rehabilitation clinic in Baan Talae Nork, Ranong, as part of its ongoing WARED (Wild Animal Rescue and Education Centre) project. 

The clinic was proposed in response to the lack of protection that the nearby conservation areas receive.  Continuing encroachment on protected habitat and wildlife corridors has caused many wildlife casualties, resulting from road accidents, fishing and boating accidents, and attack by people and dogs.  In addition, illegal poaching is still occurring due to a lack of legal enforcement.  The rescue clinic aims to provide treatment and rehabilitation for all marine and other wildlife casualties found in the area, and will always reintroduce wildlife if possible.  Animals unable to be released will be housed by the centre in suitable conditions to provide a stress-free existence.  In addition, the clinic will provide training for volunteers, veterinary students and local people in animal care and conservation issues.

The clinic will include an examination/ treatment room, a fully equipped surgery room, recovery ponds for marine animals and an isolation area to house other animals in recovery, a medicinal storeroom, and staff facilities including work space for the vet and trainees and a small library.  It is due to open in December of this year, and hopes to raise conservation awareness amongst the local communities.

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