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  • Dutchman shines spotlight on Thailand's baby elephant trade
    February 25 2012 00:15:17

    Bangkok - The discovery of six slaughtered elephants last month in two of Thailand's national parks has exposed a nasty secret about the country's ubiquitous elephant tourism industry.

    Dutch national Edwin Wiek, founder of the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand, jumped on the wild elephants' gruesome demise in Kaeng Krachan and Kiu Buri parks to draw attention to a lucrative trade in baby elephants that has been carried out with the seeming compliance of

  • The Dugong Sherherds
    February 05 2012 19:24:26

    Congratulations to our Dugong Shepherds on their successful aerial 2012 survey.

    The Dugong Shepherds , the last hope for dugong existence in Thailand

  • Monitoring a Grim Rise .In the Illegal Ivory Trade
    January 25 2012 20:01:06

    For two decades, TRAFFIC’s Tom Milliken has tracked the illicit ivory trade that has led to the continued slaughter of Africa’s elephants. In an interview with Yale Environment 360, Milliken talks about the recent increase in ivory seizures and the criminal gangs that supply Asia’s black market for ivory.



  • 5 park officials wanted for poaching elephants
    January 25 2012 19:58:33

    PHETCHABURI: Police have issued warrants for the arrest of five national park officials suspected of being involved in elephant poaching in Kaeng Krachan National Park in the province.

    Five elephants were recently found shot dead and their carcasses burnt in the   park.   Police   are   investigating whether some state officials are involved in the killings of the elephants.

  • Phuket News - 2,000 butterflies to be released on Phuket
    November 17 2011 02:58:14

    PHUKET: Two thousand butterflies are to be released on November 26 at Bang Pae Waterfall and Khao Pra Teaw Wildlife Reserve, with activities starting at 9:30 am.


    Five hundred of the butterflies, all raised at the Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World in Phuket Town, will be auctioned to raise funds for the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project and the Banya Nukul School for Handicapped Children.


  • Workshop aims to tackle animal smuggling
    October 03 2011 21:54:37

    ABU DHABI // The illegal trade in endangered and exotic animals is so lucrative that traffickers use smuggling methods that risk the animals' lives, experts said yesterday.

    Smugglers commonly sedate young animals and carry them on board planes in hand luggage, said Dr Elsayyed Mohamed, the programme manager at the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

    "Usually, the animals die, but because of the large profits, smugglers will take a chance in case one of them survives," said Dr Mohamed, whose organisation runs training seminars on how to combat wildlife smuggling.

  • Illegal wildlife trade on increase: govt
    August 25 2011 19:06:13
    Chinese medicines containing tiger and rhino parts confiscated by authorities in the United States.
    Pic: AFP

    TRADE in endangered or rare animals is on the increase despite stronger enforcement of Myanmar’s anti-trafficking laws in recent years, the Ministry of Forestry’s top anti-trafficking official said last week.

  • UN boosts drive for global crackdown on rhino horn trade
    August 25 2011 19:04:54

    A rhinoceros horn confiscated by the Cites Enforcement Assistance Unit

    The price of a single rhino horn has reached half a million dollars and, with its value per kilo exceeding that of cocaine, poaching of the animals has reached unprecedented heights. Yesterday, the world's wildlife trade watchdog said that the smuggling of the horns should be punished with the same severity as drug running.

  • How to fight organized wildlife crime in East Asia
    July 29 2011 00:45:42
  • Organized criminal syndicates are wiping out some of the world's most charismatic wildlife to feed a growing appetite for animal parts in East Asia#8212;and so far governments and law enforcement are dropping the ball. This is the conclusion from a new paper in Oryx, which warns unless officials start taking wildlife crime seriously a number of important species could vanish from the Earth.

  • Tiger Poacher, Via Phone, is Witness for His Own Prosecution
    July 16 2011 00:48:05

    When a wildlife conservation patrol in Thailand’s Western Forest Province surprised some poachers, a pile of abandoned gear, particularly a cell phone, provided evidence of their crime:

  • Local school visit by GRP staff & volunteers
    July 09 2011 05:13:14

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